Friday, February 26, 2016

Stop Bullying and Make Better Choices Assembly

Stop Bullying and Make Better Choices Assembly took place on February 25, at ZTES. Mr. Wells was a Grammy nominee for his jazz music. He incorporated his music with his presentation about not bullying and making better choices. Our Little Pioneers were mesmerized by his performance!

Man in all black plays trumpet for students at assembly

Man in all black shows a young girl the trumpet

Man wearing all black is showing a girl in blue shirt and khakis how to play the trumpet

Woman in gray sweatshirt and jeans, woman in plaid shirt and jeans, and woman in blue shirt and khaki stand on stage smiling

Man in all black standing on stage playing the trumpet

Man in all black walking between a group of seated kids playing the trumpet

Students sitting on the floor watching bullying assembly

Man in black talking to students about bullying

Man in black showing a student in white and grey hoodie, jeans and red shoes how to play the trumpet

Girl in white shirt and jeans playing the trumpet

Boy in white shirt and blue pants playing the trumpet

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