Sunday, April 17, 2016

March High Five Winners

Kindergarten: Taylor Houser First Grade: Conner Rutherford Second Grade: Caeleb Cox Third Grade: Shawn McCumber Fourth Grade: Alivia Stewart

Family Fun Night

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Literacy Night

Students enjoyed Literacy Night "A Night of Royalty" in March. Many books were given away as students did centers and enjoyed the evening. 

Man lying on the floor with 5 women standing behind him in costume

Four large tables with purple table clothes

Two young girls sitting at a table doing an acttivity

Group of students and kids sitting at a round table doing an activity

Group of students and adults working on an activity

Young girl standing smiling with pigtails and princess dress

Young boy jump roping

Group of kids standing playing a game

Group of kids walking in a circle playing a game

Girl in white striped white and gray dress standing smiling

Lady in black in princess crown holding a baby handing a paper to a young girl

Young boy in neon green shirt talking at a table

Group of children decorating bags with crowns

Group of kids standing

Group of kids doing a sand activity

Girl in red shirt and leggins with her hand  in the sand

Students lined up for a sword activity

Young girl in princess dress holding a fake sword

Lady with green shirt sits on the floor with a boy reading to him

Little girl going through a treasure chest of goodies

Students sitting at a long table for lunch

Donuts for Dads

ZTES had a packed house for our Donuts for Dads on April 6. Thank you PVG for sponsoring this activity!  

Kids and dads sitting in cafeteria for donuts with dads

Young boy in blue coat and blue book bag standing with his father in plaid shirt and khaki pants getting donuts

Kids going through the line at school to get donuts

Young boy sitting with a man at a table

Group of kids and dads eating donuts

Group of dads and kids sitting at a table enjoying donuts

Group of dads and students sitting talking at the table