Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Day!

The teachers sent their students off on summer break on Friday. The students will return August 21.

Group of teachers lined up outside on the sidewalk by a shed waiving

Group of parents sanding on sidewalk waiving at students sending them off for summer break

Group of teachers standing on the sidewalk sending students off for the summer

Lip Sync Winners

Five young students standing for a picture wearing black and orange

The winners of the third grade lip sync performed Roar.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Third Grade Math Bowl

Third graders had a Math Bowl on Tuesday. Mrs. Grimm's class took top honors.

Students sitting on the floor solving a math problem on the projector

Students working on a math problem looking at the projector sitting on the floor

First Grade Fun Day

It was a beautiful day for first grade fun day!
First grade students sitting on a bench with their hands in the air smiling for a picture
First grade students sitting on a bench with hands in the air
First grade students sitting on the playground Indian style posing for a picutre
Group of students playing four hop scotch
Group of students on the play ground drawing with chalk
Child in blue shirt and black pants hula hooping
Young boy in grey shirt black shorts jump roping
Group of young kids running on the playground
Group of kids running in the grass
Young girl with long brown hair brown shirt and grey pants blowing bubble with a young girl short brown hair pin Minnie Mouse shirt and jeans on

Third Grade Wax Museum

ZTES third graders did a Wax Museum project this month. 
The students did a fantastic job portraying their characters.

Yong girl in white hat and blue vest standing by her project

Young girl in brown hat, white scarf and brown jacket standing next to her work

Two boys dressed as baseball players standing like wax art

Young boy dressed as a baseball player holding bat up in the air like going to bat

Child dressed in black hat, white shirt and black jacket like Abraham Lincoln

Young girl in a yellow dress standing next to her project

Young boy dressed at Paul Revere wearing a black hat, blue jacket and holding a lantern

Young girl dressed as Rosa Parks wearing a black hat, floral scarf and black shirt

Young girls dresses as Amelia Earhart wearing brown jacket

Young boy wearing a grey hat, fake mustache, blue stripped shirt, black pants and suspenders

Young boy wearing a raccoon hat standing

Young kid wearing a black hat and blue jacket, brown slacks

Young girl blonde hair, glasses, wearing all black standing next to her project

Friday, May 5, 2017

Junior Achievement

Mrs.Stiltner's fourth graders completed their Junior Achievement training. 

Group of fourth grade students standing for a picture for recognition for Junior Achievement training