Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tecumseh Performance

Our fourth graders enjoyed history coming to life watching "Tecumseh and the Galloways" on Friday. Thank you to the Tecumseh Outdoor drama for offering this performance to our children!

Students watching the Tecumseh Performance

Tecumseh Performance on stage at Zane Trace School

Men and women swinging their arms on stage of the Tecumseh Performance

Two women and a man standing on stage for the Tecumseh Performance

Making Applesauce

Miss Gilmore's class had fun celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday this week making applesauce!

Group of students sitting at a table eating applesauce they made

Young boy using an apple peeler

Young girl mashing apples in a crock pot

Friday, September 29, 2017

Windmill Challenge

Students in Pioneers ASK did a windmill challenge this week.  ZTES partnered with the Ross County Extension office to put together the ASK program for fourth grade students with above average abilities.

Young girl in red dress and young girl in black shirt and black pants posing with their windmill they made

Students standing at a table working on windmills

Students sitting at a table working on their windmills

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

United Way Preschool Grant

Cathy Whalen, United Way representative, presenting Mrs. Susan Congrove and Mr. Jerry Mowery two United Way Preschool Grants for Summer Intervention.  
Thanks United Way!!

Cathy Whalen wearing a black jacket presenting United Way Preschool Grant to Susan Congrove in a black dress and Jerry Mowery wearing a black suit, white shirt and red tie